Censorship murders.

Okay, seeing as I will never tell the tale of Homopsycho, I’ve decided to write this to clear up the misperception that I might be the most evil person on the planet.
This is the story of Homopsycho.

Her real name is Diana Ross and she suffered severe abuse at a very young age. Sold into sex slavery by her father at the age of ten, she was abused by the men that purchased her. One of the men, called her Homopsycho when she refused his attention. The name stuck with her, because it’s also the night that her father was murdered.
How is the told within the book? As Homopsycho and the man whose life she just saved are lying in bed and he asked her why she has such a problem trusting people. She tells him about her childhood, after which she starts to cry and he holds her as she falls asleep.

Officer Perry has a mental disorder, one in which stops her from feeling any kind of emotion at all. Her father went insane when she was very young, but only started being violent when she got older. He killed his neighbor’s dogs and as a cruel joke her boss sent her out to capture her father. She does so without any problems, not once reacting as her own dad calls her every horrible name he can think of. After this, Perry is the one that is sent out to handle the more sensitive cases; such as Child murder and acts of terrorism. As the years went on she and her Boss become close and he comes to rely on her more than any other officer. Little does he know that she harbors a deeply seated insanity that is just starting to bubble beneath the surface.

Alana Fairchild is the spoiled daughter of a rich failed rock star. She is very opinionated and often rude and has a disorder that makes her think she is better than everyone else. She, in all honesty, believes that she is the prettiest girl in the entire world. While she does think she’s the best thing to ever happen to the world she also feels she must make up for her father’s failure. In her mind, it’s the only thing she can do to make everything better. As she sits in her room brainstorming, she comes up with the idea to start a talk show on the web. She knows it’s not the most original idea in the world, but she believes that she’ll be the hottest person to ever do it.
With that thought she heads out of her cul-de-sac to find a camera man/Co-host.

Antony is a rebel, he’s british and is very sarcastic. He loves fighting and draws Alana towards him. She pitches her idea at him and, after much sarcasm, he accepts and the two head back to Alana’s house.

Homopsycho is growing more and more angry, so she decides to let the world know about her. Through a commercial she discovers that a popular reality show is coming to her town. It’s called MY STORIES and it’s all about interviews with people who were assaulted; they especially love when it’s a child. Homopsycho goes to where she knows they will go. To her favorite victim’s house; once there she snaps and chases the cameraman through the back yard. It’s a live feed and before anyone can cut the feed, Homopsycho manages to kill the cameraman and deliver a message to everyone watching the program. Her audience is bigger than ever, seeing as the episode was special live season finale.

Alana and Antony spent their time together painting there faces with circus paint. They both end up dressed as circus clowns. Before they shoot the first episode, they decide to watch the season finale. They end up seeing Homopsycho murder the camera and deliver a chilling message before the feed is cut. After being sick and frightened the two decide to hunt down Homopsycho. Hidden behind clown makeup and the nick names of Marco & Polo, the two set off to find Homopsycho before she can kill again.

Officer Perry is assigned to look after an unpopular senator while the senator is visiting the small town. The senator is there to talk about a secret project that only the chief and the higher ups know about. Perry is upset that she doesn’t get to know about the project and she’s especially upset that she has to “babysit” the senator.
Officer Perry is distracted by a child crying and wonders off to find the source of the child; and while Perry is away The senator is waiting in a hidden back alley, so as not to be disturbed by the general public. Homopsycho comes from the shadows and brutally kills the senator.
The child crying stops and Perry wonders back to the alley to escort the Senator, only to discover that the poor woman as been gutted.
The general out cry from the public is that someone must be punished, so without hesitation Perry is fired and stripped of her badge and gun. Perry knows who did it, but instead of telling her boss, she swears to herself that she will find and kill Homopsycho if it’s the last thing she’ll ever do.
Perry sets out to find a way to do the deed without getting caught and decides to come up with an alter-ego. She puts a lot of effort into it. She buys a mexican wrestling mask and paints it black, sewing a voice modifier into the mouth area. She also tapes down her breast and and wears a full body mexican wrestling outfit and she cuts her hair as well. She is nick-named Pablo by the public and becomes a superhero of sorts.


I am really tired so I will sum up the rest as quickly as possible.

  •  Marco and polo are arrested for killing a person dressed as Homopsycho.
  • Pablo thinks she has killed Homopsycho, but the murderer lives and is sent to the mysterious project, which turns out to be an extremely large prison which is meant to house the worst criminals in the world.
  • Pablo decides that she can live with Homopsycho being alive and behind bars.
  • Pablo, goes on to catch several criminals, all who end up either dead or incarcerated in Project, including:
  1. Little Ginger: A figure skater who’s jealousy of children sends her on killing spree. She is small, young, flexible and dangerous. Her choice weapon is the blades on her skates.
  2. Malcome: A Large man, who uses advanced technology as a way to remove hatred. He knows it could back fire and kill everyone, but he’s willing to risk it. Pablo is not.
  3. Sammy: A man who’s wife is murdered by his racist town. He decides to go on a killing spree. It’s up to Pablo to stop him before he kills his entire town.
  4. Rory and Jack: A couple of cold-blooded teens who make it their life goal to blow up their home town. They succeed, one building at a time. Starting with the high school.
  5. Melanie: A former math teacher who’s decided that she wants to kill all of her former children one by one.

These are just a few of the killers that Pablo would’ve faced down. But sadly that will never happen. I am okay with that, I just wanted to get the idea out there. If anyone else wants it; feel free to use it for your self.



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