A good Tosh Replacement?

So, I’m one of the people that tune in to Tosh.0, but not for the reason you may think. The reason I tune in is, because of the host. I have been a long time fan of the stand-up comedian, Daniel Tosh, that hosts the show.
He always makes me laugh, and I have been watching his material since his first stand up with Comedy Central Presents, all the way up to Happy Thoughts, his latest stand up special.
Tosh.0 has been the center of controversy since it’s first season and I would say the high point of the second season’s controversy, was probably the episode that included Antoine  Dodson’s Web Redemption. That particular episode featured 30, count ’em, 30 rape jokes and it seemed the entire world was angry with the show. Evidently racism, and all sorts of other kinds of jokes are okay, but Rape humor isn’t. I didn’t find the episode too offensive, but i haven’t been the victim of rape, so I don’t really know much and can’t say much on the subject.
The show does what it intends to do and has made me laugh at every episode, and on more than one occasion it has left me with a bittersweet feeling, after the host says something hinting that he may just hate his job. The bittersweet feelings are a good thing though, it sort of gives the show an edge that other shows don’t have. I mean, you certainly wont hear Kevin Pereira, from Attack Of The Show talking bluntly about how he hates his job.
Tosh.0 is downright impressive, garnering more viewers a week than Comedy Central’s prime time shows such as South ParkThe Daily Show With Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. I haven’t missed an episode since mid first season and was shocked when I watched the season three finale.
At the end of the episode 29, the one before the finale, Tosh said that he’d make a shocking announcement on the season finale, and he delivered! The announcement was that he was going to retire, but let the show live on. He even held an open casting audition in L.A. to find his replacement and viewers of the episode got to watch select scenes from the casting audition and before the episode ended Tosh said: “Tune in next season to see who I picked as my replacement.” And the bittersweet feeling I get, occasionally from the show was magnified by a thousand. I’m lying of course, the actual ending of the episode was a quartet of barfers that kept going and going and eating their own vomit…ah, classic Tosh.0!
Now, I could be wrong and the whole replacement idea could just be a bit Tosh was doing for the season finale, to mess with his viewers. But incase that is wrong and Tosh really is leaving I would like to make some suggestions as to who I think could replace the host. So, without farther introduction, I will now list the people whom I think could replace Tosh, and still keep the original fanbase…or maybe just me.
Here we go:

  • Ray William Johnson: I believe he has the chops to handle the Tosh.0 franchise and many have said that he could do the job better than Daniel Tosh himself. He’s the front man for the =3 show on Youtube and it has over five million subscribers. That’s very impressive and I think Ray William Johnson could be a very good replacement for Tosh.
  • Anthony Jeselnik: Jeselnik is quickly becoming one of my favorite comedians. He can be seen wowing and impressing on the latest Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen. My favorite line he had on that show was, and I’m paraphrasing, “The only reason Charlie Seen even got famous in the first place was because God hates Michael J. Fox.” I burst out laughing at this joke, but those of you who don’t know, I can explain it perfectly…The original star of the sitcom Spin City was Michael J. Fox, but around the fourth season he dropped out, because he had a severe case of O.C.D. and the replacement for him was Charlie Sheen. Jeselnik’s style of comedy is slow, meticulous and very, very mean and I love every moment of it. I think he would be the absolute best replacement for Tosh. He’s my number one pick.
  • Ryan Stout: For those of you who have been lucky enough to watch any of Ryan Stout’s stand-up, know that he would be a stellar replacement for Tosh. His style is harsh and sarcastic and very witty. He’s very smart and very funny and would be a good replacement for Tosh. I would definitely watch Stout.0.
  •  Chelsea Peretti: One of the cast members on Worlds Dumbest, so she definitely  knows how to handle the clips that Tosh.0 is famous for. Her style is cruel and sarcastic, very passive. I would call her the female version of Daniel Tosh…only not nearly as offensive. And, personally, I would love to see a female host Tosh.0. That would be so cool!

So, those are my picks of replacements for Tosh.0. Each is well equipped to handle the show’s format and each has a style similar to Daniel Tosh’s and each would bring something new to the show and keep it interesting.
I hope the show keeps the same host and same name, and that this was all just a bit, but if it wasn’t and does change it better have one of these people hosting it…or I just won’t watch anymore.

Also, I’ve included a poll in this blog, so that whomever may read it can let me know who they want to host without having to go through the trouble to comment. Or if you think someone else would be a good fit then comment below.
Thank you for your time.


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