Jason Segal for President

What makes a good president is whether or not that person can remain calm in certain situations. He must also represent not just what he believes in, but also the beliefs of the mass public of America. He must put others before himself and must do what is right. I am not saying that that president must be flawless, but he must be able to do what is right even when he, himself, believes it to be wrong. Running a country is hard, or so I’ve been told, and the next president must be able to handle all the responsibility that comes with it. I am basing my judgments on two past presidents: Abraham Lincoln and John Fitzgerald Kennedy. They both went down in history for different reasons. Neither of them was flawless, but they were both great presidents.

Jason Segal has displayed his ability to remain calm in a few films. In Forgetting Sarah Marshall he worked with a racist and never once lost his cool. He is also very tall and can be intimidating if he needs to be. He has also proved himself capable in situations, for instance he was the writer behind the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall; he wrote all of the lines himself and did the music as well. He proved that he is creative, funny and charming as well. His charm is enough to assure the public and he is constantly relaxed and seems like he would be easy to get along with. I could definitely see him handling deals with foreign relations of America; his cool and relaxed tones leading him through the conversation. Segal is also very intelligent and witty he could easily make a fool of his competition.

I can see his slogan now: “First The Muppets, Now The World!” It’s funny cause he is in the new Muppets movie.

I would start with a simple campaign add that airs in theatres before his new movies would come out. I would also have him appear in several adds on TV, simple adds. I would have him walk out in front of a white screen and make the film fuzzy, as if it’s all really cheap, and have him talk about how government officials’ use too much money during adds. He would also make appearances at the most popular events in America: The Superbowl and WrestleMania, to name a few. That would be his presidential campaign.

Another idea I have that he could do is film everything that happens to him during his run for president, and I mean everything: Talking with Foreign leaders and meetings and all that. He could then upload the footage to YouTube and let his fans and possible voters comment on them. This would let him have a closer relationship with the public and reveal to the public what the process of running for president is actually like.

The first act I want Jason Segal to take is to make Marijuana and Prostitution legal and then tax it. I know, this idea has been floating around, literally, for years, but no one has had the nerve to act upon it. I believe Jason Segal is the man to finally act on it. I think it would be a great service towards getting America out of debt. It wouldn’t fix the problem completely, but it would be a good start.

Another act I want Segal to do as president is actually two things. I want him to attempt to pass a bill that will make gay marriage legal throughout all of America; in all 50 states. Now, on that same bill he should also enact a bill that will begin building mass homes for the homeless.


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