Goku Verses Superman

Okay this is a debate I found on the Internet a few weeks ago and just couldn’t believe how stupid the whole debate is. I will tell you step by step what would happen if the two alien saviors collided.

Anyone who actually reads the Superman comics knows that Superman wears a Solar Suit constantly. He wears it under his business suit and under his everyday outfits too. The solar suit lets Superman absorb energy all the time; from any energy provider, I.E The sun and power lines. From anywhere.

Now, seeing as all of Goku’s attacks are energy based, he would just be feeding energy to Superman the whole time. The fight would start with Goku attempting  hand to hand combat with Superman. Obviously Superman is stronger than Goku, so Goku ends up going to SS2 before he can match strengths with Superman. Throughout the fight Goku keeps feeding Superman more and more energy.

In the end Goku figures out what is happening and decides that he will have to risk over loading Superman with energy in an effort to destroy the man of steel. So, seeing as Superman can move as fast as the speed of light Goku has to use his transportation ability and begins to build energy for his ultimate attack “The Spirit Bomb”.

He fills the attack with all of his own energy and bits of the energy of the universe as well. He keeps out of Superman’s line of vision and at last he rises up with the spirit bomb with his targets set on Superman. What Goku doesn’t know is that Superman easily has a hundred times the bone density of Goku and could hold all of the energy in the entire universe and still have room for more.

Goku wills the Spirit Bomb out of his hands and aims it directly at Superman. What happens next is simply amazing…there is no loud explosion; there is no bright flash that slowly becomes white; there is no sign of the Spirit Bomb at all.

The last thing Goku sees before fading into unconsciousness is Superman walking toward him. He awakens several weeks later in his bed surrounded by his friends that tell him a strange man wearing an odd outfit put him there. The two heroes never meet again.

I firmly believe that this is what would happen. Superman is not a murderer, not unless red Kryptonite is near him. And in the end the man of steel would do the right thing. I think Goku would do the same thing for Superman if he could beat him.


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