Violence…is it too much??

I do not feel that there is too much violence in mainstream media today. People want to blame the movie and gaming industry for kids’ violent behavior, the real problem is the parents. I believe that it is up to the parent or whomever is responsible to make sure the kids of today aren’t watching violence, such as True Blood, or playing it either. Games such as God of War have started a trend and, like it or not, kids have been affected by what they see the title character do in the game. As I said before, it is up to parents to regulate what the kids’ watch, not the people who make it.

Now, I know that there is a lot of violence and sex in TV today, but there is not too much. Not so much that responsible parents can’t block what’s coming through. I think it’s up to parents and even, to a certain degree, the kids to not do what they see on TV and in gaming.

There has always been violence in media, but it was always, and still is based off of real life violence. To blame violence in the school yard or on the street wholly on media is just ridiculous. We have to take some of the blame for letting susceptible minds watch the violence. That is what I think.


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