May 8th, 2011: Verses.

Okay, so I am a HUGE wrestling fan and that has brought me a fair amount of personal critism in my life. But the honest truth is that it was basically passed down through my family. My granddad used to watch boxing and would always complain about a lack of story plot and then he found what at the time was called WWWF. Then my mother refused to watch it, but my uncle loved it. Then through some werid chance my eldest sister, Angie, began watching it. Eventually she, grew out of it when she found that her friends mocked her for watching it. At this time it was called WWF. I didn’t start watching it until I enetered my fourth year of grade school, so I would’ve been in 3rd grade. This was roughly around the time of the attitude era. There was also a little show airing on TNT called WCW. At the time I was totally unaware of this show, but my brother wasn’t. He kept going on and on to no end about how great that show was. Like I said I was compleatly unaware of WCW so much so that I didn’t even know what channel it premiered on. Me and my brother were at odds on this subject. I loved the WWF and he was totally obsessed with WCW. We were little and the topic of which show was the best was often the instigator of many of our fights. We have matured a lot since then, but still not many things have changed. More on that later. Evidently my brother and I aren’t the only ones who have matured; WWF had changed a lot too. This was the exact time that the show began to evolve; circa1999. It wasn’t long before WCW began loosing WCW Superstars to the WWF. Before long the owner of the WCW, Ted Turner, began to loose faith in WCW. Despite the outcry of one Eric Bishoph Ted Turner eventually sold WCW to their competetion WWF. Needless to say I celebrated and my brother Kenny was devistated. Some WCW Superstars went on to become WWF Superstars and even more were left to the wayside. The ones that made it to the WWF and are still around today have Shane McMahon to thank. That is the story of the WCW and WWF rivalry, but, unbelievably enough, this is not the topic of this particular blog.

WWF continued to change and move on with it’s freshly bought Superstars. Vince McMahon eventually changed the name of the company again. If you remember it was changed once before when the company was handed down to Vince from his father Vince McMahon Sr; it went from WWWF (World Wide Wrestling Federation)  to the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) and Vince changed it once again to the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). The reason he changed it was due to a conflict of enterest with the other WWF (World Wildlife Foundation). Vince eventually changed the company to WWE and adopted the Slogan of: Get the “F” out. It was clever and many people were excited about it. At this time Hulk Hogan had finished up his run with the fresh WWE by facing The Rock at Wrestlmania 19.

As WWE began to fall into place and began to become a new and freah and constantly evolving show, Hulk was begining to form an idea. This idea would grow to become the WWE’s only competetion. Hulk would form a new show called TNA (Total Non-stop Action). It would feature wrestlers that were kicked to the side by WWE and would eventually be what many consider the Anti-WWE. Familair wrestlers began to show up, these wrestlers being former WWE Superstars. At the moment WWE is a head in the ratings, but it may be overcome by TNA.

TNA is a company that refused to evolve saying : “That shit is for the Other guys“. The “Other guys” being the WWE. Every wrestler in the TNA company seems to have a vendetta against the WWE for some reason or another. I am an avid watcher of both companys. I enjoy the WWE’s programing i.e.; Superstars, Raw and SmackDown! I also enjoy TNA’s show Empact.

And this gets to the topic of this Blog. It is to compare the WWE with TNA. What WWE has going for it is a constantly evolving story plot. By that I mean that they never stay on one idea for more than two months. Factions never seem to last and neither do Tag teams. Also everyone seems to get a piece of the pie. Even the not-so-popular Superstars get their own story lines and it’s really gracious of the WWE to do that. WWE almost refuses to let anyone fall by the wayside. What WWE has going against it is two many story lines. People tend to dislike when there is more talking than actual wrestling on a program that calls itself wrestling. They also tend to dislike certain key story plots for some reason.

What TNA has going for it is that it isn’t afraid to push the TV-14 rating to its absolute limit. Watching TNA is almost like hoping in a time machine and travling back to WWE’s Attitude Era. It truly gives what it promises Total Non-Stop Action. The wrestlers are mostly Superstars that left WWE after the attitude era and they are more than ready to put their well-being on the line for the audience’s entertainment. There is a lot of steamy Divas and raw emotion and action. What TNA has going against it is the fact that the company and it’s wrestlers as a whole refuses to evolve. Sometimes it’s so bad that when you tune in you can’t  tell what month it is. You’ll often find yourself saying: “Wait, didn’t this already happen?” These guys tend to work on what WWE isn’t to make a statement and it’s reflecting badly in the show.

Like I said I am an avid watcher of both shows, because one of my biggest regrets is not getting a chance to watch WCW before it went under. So, I will never make that mistake again. I will admit that I am a bigger fan of WWE than TNA. Of course my brother, you may remember him as the WCW fan, is one of the biggest TNA fans in the history of ever! We never seem to see eye-to-eye when it comes to wrestling entertainment. So, we argue a lot about which company would win of WWE and TNA ever squared off. In all honestly I think WWE would win simply because WWE has younger talent and more Superstars than TNA, but TNA is slowly catching up and I look forward to another Monday Night War soon. Althought it may never happen.
Hulk Hogan had the idea before, but the excutives of Spike Television only let it happen for a while. Apparently the ratings dropped lower than ever when they tried it, but that was a while ago and I personally think that TNA is in a perfect spot at the moment to go one-on-one with the WWE.


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