May 6th, 2011: The Shakey Cam. Craze.

Well, lets start things out right with me letting you in on what the very first remake was. Like I said I put it on hoping “Some know-it-all enternet guy” would give me the answer and here is what I got: “The 1903 silent movie “The Great Train Robbery” was remade (totally ripped off!) in 1904.” When I recieved said answer I was more than put in my place. Both the answers I got were from Know-It-All women! The first was from Susan Ramsey and she talked mostly about a movie that I had no idea was even a remake. She spoke of a 1951 alien/horror feature called The Thing From Outer Space and it’s apprent remake  is none other than the 1982 classic The Thing. She also went on to tell me that there will be another “Thing Movie” and this one is going to be a prequel. Yay! She even gave me a link to said remake and here it is: So thank you to Susan and thank you Little Miss Spellcheck.

Now, it’s time to get back to what this particular blog is all about. The Shakey Cam craze or that’s what everyone else is calling it. Myself, being who I am, I have been thinking. Seeing as the remake craze actually began way back in 1904 and is still being refered to as a “Craze”, maybe shakey cam is older than most people give it credit for. So, I have been researching it for a while now and the closest answer I could find was a 1980 film called Cannibal Holocaust. Again I will turn to to see if I can find a more suitable answer.


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