The Remake Monolouge

So, I was thinking about movies, as I often do and I began to wonder why so many people HATE HATE HATE remakes. I also began to wonder what started this remake craze. I even began researching it, which I know is kind of sad. At first I thought that it all started with House on Haunted Hill. I also thought back to some of my favorite horror movies. Such as The Amitiville Horror and Dracula. Keep in mind that these are films that when I watched them I didn’t even realize that they were remakes. I also enjoyed The 1988 flick The Blob. So, the remake “craze” didn’t just happen it has been happening for years. I even went back and watched the orginal The Blob. For those of you who say that remakes are unnecessary just watch these two films together. The first one is just lame all around. If I had to cartogorize it I would put it in the “It’s So Bad It’s Good” category. Whereas the remake is a straight up horror film that still manages to scare me to this day. Another example of the neccesary remake is The Last House On The Left. I have also seen the orginal and it just falls short of the “It’s So Bad It’s Good” category. It is just a terrible film! The premise is brilliant, thus being worthy of a ligitimit remake, but everything else, from the acting to the effects, is gawd-awful! The music cues are probably the worst part. Stephen King himself even said: “It’s like Abbot and Costello meet The rapist.” Which it isn’t, I would actually pay money to see that movie. The remake is perfection and pretty much everyone the world over agrees with me. It took what was basically shit and turned it into something beautiful. So, far most remakes that I have seen are great movies. I loved The Crazies, Dawn of the Dead and Oceans Eleven. The only bad remakes that I can think of are The Grudge and The Ring. In all fairness I didn’t really like the orginals very much to begin with.

So, I never found out what the very first remake was, but I have posted it as a question on, so hopefully some know it all enternet guy can help me out, but to the best of my knowledge the first remake was Dracula or maybe The Women. That last comment was a joke.


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