May, 5th 2011: The beginning.

I am one of the biggest fans of the Fangoria magazine ever! I, personally, think that the rag is just pure brilliance. I am one of the only people in my town that reads this magazine. My friends all say that the only place to see a Fangoria magazine in all of Wolfe County is at my house. I’m proud of that fact!

So, here’s my beef with the mag. I paid for my renual subscription which was a total of $54.47. Then I wait and wait and wait. It takes a total of 1 and a half months before I grow fed up and send Dee Erwin an email. He writes me back telling me that the payment was recieved late and that I will recieve my magazine #303 in May. This was last month and now it’s the 5th and I still have no magazine. So, I sent a new email and Dee’s reply was that my #303 was mailed late and I should recieve it soon. So, I cannot wait for it get here. On the bright side Netflix has decided to fix their blunder. I recieved the wrong movie in the mail and before I even finished watching it, they had already mailed out another one. The Correct one. Thanks Netflix!


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